Tom Mix

My wife and I are giving our 4-year-old daughter an old iPod shuffle.  In the process of looking for music to give her, I found a few mixed CDs I’d made for people over the years.  There’s one that I don’t think ever got to the person, so I’ve compiled it on Spotify to send to them.  There are a few substitutions from the original, but I’ve found what I can on YouTube.  That’s still missing a few things, listed here:

  • The Beatles’ cover of The Band’s ‘To Kingdom Come’
  • A cover of Dylan’s ‘Tonight I’ll be staying here with you’ by Mark Erelli

I also added Lady Lamb’s cover of Cher’s cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘All I really wanna do.’

It’s full of in-jokes and randomness, but then again, isn’t that what mixed CDs and tapes were for?