A Shot in the Arm

This weekend I’ll be receiving my second COVID-19 vaccination dose. I’m super excited to be able to say that! I’ve been happily helping others find appointments, including co-workers.

While we’re here, I wanted to share this piece from CNN:
Covid-19 vaccine myths: These reasons for not getting a shot don’t hold up. In fact, they’ll set the US back

This isn’t about vaccines, but I had to!

.blog for my .birthday

Last Tuesday was my birthday and, coincidentally, I received my shiny new .blog domain. Thanks to my employer, Automattic, for the perfect birthday present!  How did you know?!  I plan on blogging more frequently now that quirk.blog has arrived.  See you in 2017!

P.S. You can get your own .blog by visiting get.blog.

Read All About It!

WordPress has been a part of my life for nearly 9 years.  This particular blog was created for a class I taught on free and easy website creation at my alma mater.  I demonstrated Weebly, Wix, and Google Sites, but I spent the majority of time focused WordPress.  I outlined the differences between WordPress.com and a self-hosted site running the software available from WordPress.org.

I’m very proud to say I now work at Automattic, the company that manages WordPress.com. Okay, it’s actually been sine last August and I’m just now getting into regular blogging.

WordPress was the solution to a problem I was having.  I knew basic HTML and some CSS and had used those skills to create sites for sharing my artwork.  If I wanted to make a change on one page, say the footer, I needed to make it on all of them.  And there was no real easy solution to making galleries on a static HTML site.  I started doing some reading and found WordPress and gave it a shot.  I’ve lost count of the number of sites I’ve created for friends, clients, and myself, but it’s something that I truly love.

I work on a product called Jetpack, though not as a developer. I often test new releases, help with marketing materials, and, more recently, send merchandise to events around the world. Jetpack is another product I’ve used for years and it’s been fascinating to see the internal workings. The short explanation of what Jetpack does (a question I get frequently) is bridge the two versions of WordPress to add functionality to your self-hosted site.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds with this job. I certainly never expected to be here, but I’m glad that I am!

TV show referenced: Read All About It!


I made a decision that April 15th would be the day I’d start losing weight. Over the last few years I’d fallen into the habit of adding fries or chips and a soda with lunch, which would frequently feature a larger-than-necessary sandwich. I’d justify a fast food meal here and there because I felt so busy, but if anything I was just being lazy.

The outcome of not paying attention to what I was eating was not a surprise – my weight landed somewhere around 297 pounds. It’s an interesting feeling when your doctor says “I know it’s a big number, but hear me out – you could stand to lose a 100 pounds.” I’m not sure that’s in the cards, but we’ll see.

I’d already lost a few pounds in March from traveling, so I used that opportunity to kick off some intentional weight loss. Starting at 291 pounds, I cut soda and fast food out completely and dramatically decreased my intake of dairy, sugar, and fried foods. At just over a month I’m 13 pounds lighter – almost 19 pounds from my highest weight. There’s still a long way to go, I know, but it feels like a major accomplishment to take a step in the right direction.

Movie referenced: Fatso (1980)

Hello, Dolly!

I’ll be using this site to tell stories from my past and post about topics that don’t fit on factoryportland.com, stephenquirk.com, or quirklife.com – all of which need more attention, too.  Post titles will be inspired by movie, TV show, song, or book titles.  Why?  Because I can!  If you’re interested why I chose a particular title, let me know! (See what I did there… I’m luring you into engaging with me).

Will all of these stories or topics be interesting?  Probably not, but I enjoy writing and hope to learn from the exercise of doing so on a regular basis.  I often find myself writing thousands of words in a sitting or composing stories in my head as I go about my day.

Maybe you’ll learn something about me, and maybe I will, too!