My wife, two kids, and I recently moved into a newly-built house.  Even though it was built from a pre-drafted plan and we only had to choose the finishes, it was a longer process than we’d imagined.  We sold our house back in June of last year and moved in with my in-laws for about the 9 months it took to build.  We picked the counters, door knobs, sinks, faucets, doors, lights, flooring, and more!  The house is so new that it lacked towel bars and toilet paper holders.

We’ve now been in the house for about a month and couldn’t be happier!  In the springtime, the builder and developer will plant grass.  We’re excited to see the end product, meet neighbors, and settle into our new community.  I’m sure this isn’t the last post about the house, so here’s to many more!

This is not my beautiful house (but it’s the same model)