Ireland: Intermission

To help brainstorm titles for the Ireland pieces I’ve been writing, here’s a list of all the films and TV shows set or connected to the Republic or Northern Ireland that I’ve seen.  Is there something Irish that I need to see and don’t have listed?  Maybe I’ve seen and forgotten, but either way, let me know!

  1. Once
  2. Circle of Friends
  3. The Matchmaker
  4. The General
  5. Veronica Guerin
  6. The Secret of Roan Inish
  7. Into the West
  8. Killing Bono
  9. The Field
  10. Bloody Sunday
  11. My Left Foot
  12. The Van
  13. The Snapper
  14. The Commitments
  15. I Went Down
  16. In Bruges
  17. In America
  18. Liam
  19. Angela’s Ashes
  20. Michael Collins
  21. Philomena
  22. The Butcher Boy
  23. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  24. The Crying Game
  25. War of the Buttons
  26. Waking Ned (Devine)
  27. The Magdalene Sisters
  28. The Quiet Man
  29. Dancing at Lughnasa
  30. Far and Away
  31. P.S. I Love You
  32. Hear My Song
  33. Agnes Brown
  34. David Gray: Live at the Point/Up to a Point
  35. Ballykissangel (TV show)
  36. Father Ted (TV show)

Aside from a few (but especially don’t watch P.S. I Love You), I’d actually recommend a lot of these films and consider a few to be favourites.  Some of these films were actually viewed at weekly screenings I held at school in Ireland.  The petrol station in Ballyvaughan had a sort of “Ireland’s greatest hits” collection available to rent and we took full advantage!

Need to see:

  • Breakfast on Pluto
  • Hunger (started)
  • Frank
  • Intermission
  • Man of Aran
  • Moone Boy (TV)
  • The Fall (TV)
  • Quirke (TV)


4 thoughts on “Ireland: Intermission”

  1. Watch ’71 – it’s set in the Troubles and follows a rookie Brit soldier, but it follows some young lads that are trying to find their way into the IRA. Also, Shadow Dancer is good. It’s about a woman who becomes an informant for MI6 on goings on within the IRA. Can’t remember if I saw it on your list or not, but Good Vibrations is also supposed to be very good, although it haven’t seen it myself ☺️

    1. ’71 is for sure on my need to see list and I forgot to add it. I had’t heard of Good Vibrations, but that looks right up my alley! I’ll take a look at Shadow Dancer too, looks interesting for sure.

      1. Have fun with them, the first two are definitely a couple of good watches

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