I Always Wanted to be a Tenenbaum

In 2009 I volunteered to make an introduction video for an event at Maine College of Art. It took some time to come up with a concept, but after seeing a video by Company of Thieves (see below), I had my idea – a Rushmore parody! Although not common at the time, Wes Anderson’s technique has been mimicked more and more frequently over the years. I was never quite happy with the video quality, but it was it was a fun little project and I’ve always wanted to share it. Music is Painter Man by The Creation – the same band that performs Making Time that’s used in Rushmore.

The video is password protected for copyright reasons, please use ‘rushmore’ to access it.

Wes Anderson parodies Wes Anderson (2007)

Company of Thieves / Oscar Wilde Music Video (2009)

Conan / Wes Anderson’s “Star Wars: Episode VII” Audition Tape (2012)

Saturday Night Live / Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders (2013)

Patrick (H) Willems / Point Break

Upright Citizens Brigade (2014)

Forrest Gump (2014)

Ice Bucket Challenge

X-Men (2015)

Movie referenced: I trust you can figure it out